Child Safety is so important when it comes to shades and window coverings. If you are a growing family, this will absolutely be a priority when building a new home or renovating your current place. Hunter Douglas is proud to design with safety in mind. Custom Shades offers a number of wonderful options to keep the beautiful aesthetic of your home, and promote safety for your little ones. 

In the past, window treatments with exposed or dangling cords were a leading hazard for infants and young children. We now offer a number of cordless window treatments with ideal alternatives to those with cords. From cord free to automated shades, there are endless possibilities.

Cordless Control Options                     

Safer for babies and children, our cordless options are a convenient way to adjust shades or blinds. Custom Shades roller and solar shades are perfect for growing families and offer multiple themes and functions right for any room in your home. 

PowerView Automation

Automated window treatments are inherently cord-free. And with PowerView Automation, you can adjust them with the press of a button, tap on your mobile device or with your voice when integrated with another smart home system. This allows for ease of use with the added bonus of being safe for the whole family.

LiteRise® System 

With LiteRise, simply push the shade or blind up to raise it or pull it down to lower it—no cords required. This feature is available on a variety of styles, giving you lots of options when it comes to a design aesthetic. Cordless, clean and uncluttered…and safe!

At Custom Shades, child safety is always a priority. Contact us today for more information on what options you have for safe and efficient window coverings!